Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm So Excited!

I've been waiting all spring for a nasty Intermountain cold frontal passage and it looks like we will get one tomorrow.

The GFS shows a whopper of a front moving across Nevada at 1800 UTC (noon) tomorrow.  The Salt Lake Valley is in the strong southerly flow ahead of the front.

This looks like a good setup for the usual pre-frontal spring mayhem, including gusty south winds and blowing dust.  The NWS has already issued a high wind watch for the Salt Lake Valley and most of western Utah.

The front is expected to sweep across Utah late in the day tomorrow.  The GFS has it just on our door step at 6 PM.  That usually ensures a very healthy drop in temperature.

The front will bring rain in it's immediate wake - possibly with some thunder.  Temperatures behind the front drop enough that we could see some bench snow overnight.

The GFS is warm enough we'd probably see mostly rain before things let up, whereas the NAM is quite a bit colder.  We'll have to see how things come together, but it's nice to see some real weather again!

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  1. Just have to say - I love your blog! And I am excited too! Going to share this with my Physical Geography students. Spring cold fronts are the best