Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Big Numbers So Far

It's a hell of a storm and it is raging again this morning as a cold from moves through northern Utah making the morning commute miserable in the Salt Lake Valley, but also pushing accumulations in the mountains to even higher levels.  It should be a quick hitter for the valley, but the timing is bad news for anyone having to travel during the morning rush.
Source: RAL
As of this morning, water totals in the mountains are impressive.  Ben Lomond Peak's automated gauge is up to nearly 5 inches (green dots).  Snowbasin middle bowl is approaching 4.5 inches (blue line).  Alta-Collins is at 2.4 inches.  The big winner is Sundances site with over 6.5 inches, although the Utah Avalanche Center is reporting 4 inches in their advisory this morning, so I wonder if that might be overdone compared to manual observations.  It is apparent, however, that they got quite a pasting down there.

Source: MesoWest

With the total snow depth at Alta-Collins up to 63", I'm officially announcing the start of "good early season conditions" (60 inches is my threshold for that).  


  1. How much more do we need for a "Steenburgh Winter"? ;-)