Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blog Break

After five years of nearly continuous blogging, I am taking a break during the holidays this year.  Please check back in 2016.  My best wishes to you for deep powder and an enjoyable holiday season.

If you enjoy this blog, please consider making a donation to our Mountain Meteorology Fund.  The fund supports research and education in mountain weather and climate at the University of Utah.  Visits by people like Jordy Hendrix were made possible this past year because of the fund, as well as support for students who make many of the custom and experimental products we provide on and which are used by many in the Wasatch forecast and ski communities.


  1. Enjoy your holidays! You'll be missed, but you deserve the time off! Always enjoy reading your take on the weather here.

  2. Hope you have a fun and restorative break. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy your take on modeling, forecasting and backcountry play. Even better, this blog has encouraged us to learn how to read the models, and then let them go. :-) It's great to have some sort of idea what to expect in the mountains, but I enjoy them most when forget about the expectations and just humbly appreciate the capricious power I find there.

  3. Merry Christmas Jim, enjoy! A post or two back someone asked what we need for a Steenburgh winter, and you said 100" by Feb 10. Well, a couple weeks ago, as you know & pointed out, we were well below average in N UT. Delighted to say not anymore! Virtually all of mountain UT N & S are well over 100% as of now, how merry that makes Christmas for all.