Friday, January 11, 2019

Sixth Anniversary of the Avenues Whiteroom

This is a repost from 11 January 2013 just because it is fun to reminisce.


The U closed today at 1 PM and we took full advantage by taking a tour in the Avenues Foothills.  There's an impressive snowpack at the top of Terrace Hills Drive (~5000 ft).

Good cover on the mountain bike trails.

We made a brief visit to the white room.  Yes folks, this was in the Avenues foothills.

The snowpack on the north aspect is quite scary.  Facets down low (very soft) and column failures with isolation at the old snow/new snow interface.  We kept slope angles low, which made it a bit challenging to keep momentum going given the depth of the new snow.  Better safe than sorry.  


In all honesty, the snow is too deep and too dry for good skiing.  I think the skiing will be better once things settle out some.  When's the last time you said that about skiing from town?

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