Wednesday, January 30, 2019

South Alps to Get Some

One of the most impressive meteorological characteristics of the Alps is how different the weather can be on the south and north sides of the Alpine Crest.  So far this winter, the north side has gotten much of the snowfall and the south side has suffered.  That will change on Friday when a low-pressure system tracks across France and drives flow with a southerly component into the Alps.  The forecast below rom the German ICON model of mean precipitation rate for the hour ending at 1600 UTC Friday shows extensive precipitation on the south side of the Alps (purple indicates snow).  Although there is some spillover across the Alpine crest, the decline in precipitation as one moves northward is very abrupt, with no precipitation forecast for the northern Alps including areas north of Innsbruck (red dot) and immediately south of Zurich and Salzburg.  Those areas will experience Foehn, a downslope wind. 

I won't be doing this, but it is a quick trip from Innsbruck across the Brenner Pass into Italy if one desperately needs powder.  Friday is a day where there will be a major contrast in weather as one traverses the Alps through the pass.  

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