Monday, January 7, 2019

Steenburgh Effect Delivers Again

I left town on Saturday morning to attend the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Phoenix.  Like clockwork, it has been snowing and snowing big.  Alta-Collins recorded 16 inches Saturday night and Sunday and then another 3 inches last night (through 8 am).  After today, things look to settle down for a few days, at least if the SREF forecasts hold.

I've also been drooling at the snowfall amounts being recorded in the northeastern Alps of Austria. 

One has to wonder if it will ever end there, but with my arrival in just over a week, a dry spell is likely soon. 

Enjoy the freshies. 


  1. Storm has absolutely walloped Sundance. Has snowed about 3 ft since Saturday night at our cabin. Really great flow for these SW favored areas.

  2. My wish for you is that the Steenburgh effect is only regional. :)

  3. What is the correlation between the Steenburgh effect and the likelihood of a Steenburgh winter?

    Snowbird is showing a 70" depth right now so we'd need 30+ inches in the next 20 days to reach 100" by Feb 1.

    Will you do us all a favor and make that happen?

    1. I'm leaving town on Tuesday for the rest of the season. You should have a decent shot at Steenburgh winter this year.