Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Waiting Game Begins

Last night's trough passage brought a couple inches of snow to the upper elevations of the central Wasatch.

Source: Snowbird
Even at my place, there was a trace of snow. 

The waiting game now begins for the start of the ski season.  As things stand now, the next five days look dry.  Although cold today, we should see marvelous fall weather beginning tomorrow through at least Wednesday and probably Thursday as well.  

After that, we shall see.  The good news is that the GEFS is calling for troughiness over the western US late next week.  

However, snowfall in the Wasatch is greatly dependent on all sorts of factors that cannot be nailed down so far in advance.  Some of those solutions would probably give us a pretty good dump, others next to nothing.  

Thus, at this stage, it's best not to buy into any click bait based on extended range forecasts. 

Need a Recommendation

I've discovered some minor damage to my carbon fiber mountain bike frame.  Recommendations for affordable repair shops or individuals greatly appreciated. 


  1. Calfee Designs are well known for CF repair, but perhaps not cheap:

  2. Bart Gillespie does work here in SLC