Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Winter Rises from the Dead

Source: Rankin-Bass
Just when you thought winter was over, it rises from the dead.

A whopping 16 inches at Alta-Collins in the last 24 hours has pushed the total snow depth up to 115 inches, the deepest since late March.  

That 16 inches contained 2.27 inches of water.  That's a water content of 14%.  Thick and creamy, but I bet anyone out this morning won't be complaining.

The pattern remains showery and unpredictable for the next few days, but don't wait.  The best time to get good turns this late in the spring is when it is snowing.  

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  1. It was a nice day at The Bird...Rain changed to Snow about 2 miles before parking lot. There was a tine yesterday when rain mixed in briefly at the base, making for variable conditions down low. However, just a few hundred feet above, it stayed all snow, all day. Rode the Gad2 chair (bottom is 8600 ft) where it stayed all snow and probably had 8 inches of Sierra-like powder, which got deeper as afternoon went on.

    This time of year, that Sierra Cement (as long as its not too heavy) is probably better than dry pow, because it smooths out the lumps and frozen bumps underneath much better. But like was said by Jim I think, you gotta ski it while its falling, before the sun hits it.

    Wondering if tomorrow might be decent with this next wave? 6-kn WRF from DRI shows about 0.75" and 700 mb temps around snow levels should be down to 7000 ft...esp at night.