Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fun and Emotions on Closing Day

As far as closing days at Alta go, today was Cascadian, and there's nothing wrong with a baker's dozen (13 inches) of creamy crud in late April.

I haven't skied at the resorts much this year, so we tried to make up for it by skiing the crud hard in the morning and enjoying the scenery, including this beautiful pileus cloud.

My son Erik made his college decision yesterday.  He was accepted to a number of great schools, but will be attending the U and skiing the Greatest Snow on Earth next year.   Today confirmed it was the right choice (as will the reasonable tuition bill and high quality eduction he'll get the next few years).  No, he's not majoring in meteorology!

He really made my day when he woke up and asked me if I wanted to ski with him today.  Such days are priceless.

It was very apparent today that the student has become the teacher.  The kid can really outcharge me now.  Old age hasn't helped, but really, he's just better than me.

I missed the Frank World Classic last weekend, but those with better knees than me provided some entertainment today.  I suspect the afternoon was even more entertaining.

I kept the skis on the snow.  Final run down High Boy.

The day did not end there, however.  My father always wanted to ski and golf on the same day, but we never got around to it.  Erik and I made up for that today.  

No grass was harmed by golf carts in the making of these memories.

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