Monday, March 24, 2014

The Bonus Season Is Here

April is around the corner.  The high tomorrow (Tuesday) will probably eclipse 70 at the Salt Lake City airport.  People are biking and golfing in the valley.  The tourists and locals are giving up on ski season. That's fine by me as it means fewer people to share the mountains with when the jet stream returns to Utah later this week with the first wave of moisture pushing in Wednesday morning.

Right now things look fairly active on Wednesday and Thursday, with the NAM generating 0.93 inches of water and 15 inches of snow from Wednesday morning to late Thursday in upper Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The thing about late March and April storms is that one needs to delicately balance patience and urgency.  You often need to wait until it piles up (that snow on Wednesday will be likely fall on a hard, frozen surface on most aspects, so it will take a lot to bury the bottom), but also need to get out quickly during or immediately following the storm since the sun is merciless this time of year (Hint: you might not want to wait until the weekend).

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