Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Perspectives on Winter

Weird white stuff on the U grass this morning
Old man winter has returned to the Salt Lake Valley this morning, providing just enough snow to aesthetically coat the grass without wreaking havoc on the commute or, more importantly, my bus route.  

Meanwhile, the storm has produced 9 inches as of 7 am at Alta-Collins.  It's another high-density dump overall, but should be right-side-up and ski well.  Enjoy.  

Finally, in other news, check out this avalanche that took out the High Campbell chair at Crystal Mountain, Washington.  Whoa. 
Source: Crystal Mountain Facebook Page
Source: Crystal Mountain Facebook Page
I have a lot of good memories from riding that chair.  Looks like a new one will be ordered this summer.  So sad to see the demise of another classic fixed grip double.  At least it went out in style.  

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