Tuesday, January 14, 2014


If I hear polar vortex one more time, I'm going to snap!  If you want to know what this Polar Vortex stuff is all about and why the press has gone over the deep end, check out The Polar Vortex: Myth and Reality at The Cliff Mass Blog.


  1. So what should I do if I'm caught in a polar vortex?

    1. Just kidding, please don't snap. We've had some crazy wind and snow back here in Utah and I for one have missed your insight.

  2. Jim, just found your blog and am enjoying reading about the Tug Hill Region. I moved here ten years ago and was completely astonished at the snow fall / rain events that occur here. Coming from Colorado, you would think I should be able to handle it. HA !!

    After many frustrations I finally decided to learn more about this Machine that is Lake Effect and picked up a book called Weather and Climate of the Great Lakes Region by Val Eichenlaub, it is a fairly old book but enlightened me on why Ontario is such a beast. Are there any other books that you would recommend regarding Lake Effect??

    Thanks Tina

    1. You could pick up http://syracuseuniversitypress.syr.edu/fall-2012/lake-effect.html. You could also go to meted.ucar.edu and go through their lake-effect modules.

  3. Jim: Just found the blog from a link on the Post-Standard. Very nice to see the research regarding our lake effect snow. I'm lake affected--- ski Snow Ridge and travel to Little Cottonwood Canyon as much as possible. The "ridge" remains unspoiled-much like Alta was years ago. Opening day 12/13 at the Ridge was incredible. Waist deep snow all for $23.00 dollars ($15 if you had a pass from a participating ski resort) If I had a dollar very every time I wished for more elevation I'd be rich. The Wasatch and the Tug are both wonderful places. Thanks for your work

  4. Hi Jim,

    Great blog. My name is Scott Sabol, meteorologist here in Cleveland,Ohio. I write a lot about the psychology and perceptions of weather, cognitive biases and how they shape our view of weather and forecasting.

    If you have a moment, check out my blog. Let me know what you think!




    Scott Sabol