Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hell of a Front

As anticipated, a strong Intermountain Front is now pushing into Utah.  Note the temperature contrast along I-80.  From 51F to 34F between stations.  Yes, that is a 50 knot sustained wind immediately ahead of the front.

Check out the Meteogram from the Dugway I-80 site (DPG 17).  The temperature fell like a stone with frontal passage from 53F to 42F in 5 minutes (that's the resolution of the data) and to 38F in 10 min.

Wind?  Ya Betcha.  Gust to 63 mph immediately after frontal passage.

Some lowland gusts over 70 mph reported so far today to MesoWest (Note: Subject to quality control verification):

West Salt Flat: 70 mph
Sherwood Hills: 71 mph
US-6 Eureka: 80 mph
Orem: 71 mph

The peak gust thus far at KSLC is 56 mph and at the University of Utah is 49 mph.  


  1. Remote sensing not showing blowing dust -


  2. That little patch south of Wendover on

    is the dust that can be seen in the visible modis image at

    The other plumes are fairly faint, so their algorithm isn't picking them up. They can be seen, however, in the modis image and in cameras.

    That being said, this is a pretty wimpy event. A nice case where the land-surface is "capped."