Friday, May 29, 2020

Red Sky at Morning Skiers Take Warning

This morning's sunrise
I woke up this morning, saw a red sky, and felt the warm breeze. 

My first thought was that the remnants of our snowpack are doomed.

Most Wasatch and western Uinta Snotels are now below 30% of median snow water equivalent for the date and crashing toward zero.  An exception is Snowbird, which sits at 42%, a number that is still not great.  

If only we could bend the coronavirus curve like Mother Nature is bending the snow water equivalent curve.  The crash of the spring snowpack this year has been quite remarkable and persistent since late April, with just a brief and temporary slowing last weekend and earlier this week due to a trough passage.

Over the past two days, the Snowbird SNOTEL has lost 3.5 inches of water.  With 13.3 inches remaining, the snow will be gone in four days at that rate.  That will be about 2 weeks ahead of median.  Such a shame. 

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  1. There are new sections of grass and dirt appearing on a day to day basis that is quite remarkable.