Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mountain Sports in Corona Times

The Austrian Alpine Club is the largest mountain-sports club in Austria and open to members from around the world.  A primary benefit of members, even if you don't live in Austria, is rescue and travel insurance (important details here). 

They recently issued some recommendations for mountain sports that are worth a look.  I often wonder if the 2 meter rule (converted to 6 feet in the U.S.) is appropriate for all activities (it isn't) and if mountain sports require any specific precautions (some do, some don't).  I'm including a translated version of their web page below for your consideration.  If one has not already been developed, I wonder if a similar info sheet for Utah might be useful.

A quick comment on the situation in Austria.  After imposing strict stay-at-home orders, they have really squashed the curve and appear to be doing better than most European nations.  Daily confirmed COVID-19 cases peaked at 1,141 on March 27th and dropped dramatically thereafter.  Over the past week, they've reported 12 to 68 cases per day. 

Below is a 3-day running average of per-capita confirmed cases, showing that their peak and current case rates are much lower than in several other European countries and much lower than the United States. 
However, if this makes Austria seem like a good option for vacation, good luck.  More here

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