Friday, May 1, 2020

Good Riddance to April

April 2020.  A month that will forever live in infamy. 

From a meteorological perspective, it was the driest April on record in Salt Lake City with only 0.26 inches of precipitation.  The next driest was 1981 with 0.45 inches, so really, it wasn't even close. 

Source: NOAA regional climate centers
Spring precipitation can sometimes be spotty, but it was a pretty dismal month for precipitation statewide with much of the state seeing less than 50% of average.  Southwest Utah did the best.

April is one of our wettest month, but the Division of Water Resources is already recommending one irrigation per week. 

Foothill flowers are nevertheless beginning to bloom.  The next two weeks will probably be peak at lower elevations. 

April also brought an explosion in the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 with over 800,000 infected and 50,000 deaths during the month. 

Unlike an approaching meteorological storm, the strength of the coronavirus storm is strongly dependent on our personal and collective actions.  Washing hands, physical distancing, and wearing masks greatly reduce the spread of the disease. 

Stay vigilant my friends. 

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  1. I thought the garden beds seemed remarkably dry for this time of year.