Monday, October 14, 2019

Fall Break Recap

Meteorologically speaking, it was an eventful Fall Break thanks to the mid-week cold surge that brought record low minimum temperatures to many stations in Utah.  Some people asked me how cold it got in Peter Sinks.  The Utah Climate Center site observed a minimum of 1˚F on the morning of the 11th. 

Source: MesoWest
A sampling of additional record low minimums or low maximums from that period is provided below.  The Salt Lake City record low maximum on October 10th broke a record that stood since 1880 (the observation then was collected in "town").  Impressive.

Source: NWS
I was happy to chase the upstream ridge and travel to Seattle to do some hiking and visit family.  The weather there was sublime on Thursday and Friday after cool starts.  The photo below is of sunrise from the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

I hadn't been in the Olympic Mountains in over 20 years, so to get a bluebird day in October was really a treat. 

We also did some hiking near Snoqualmie Pass.

The skiff of snow that fell earlier in the week made for surprisingly difficult and treacherous conditions on packed trails.  On both hikes, we eventually had to turn around when we encountered steeper and slicker areas.  Just another impact of the great cold surge of October 2019!

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