Monday, May 20, 2019

Final Ski above the Inn Valley

My son Erik begins his return to the states today.  The sky is crying, with rain falling on the Nordkette.

Although the weather wasn't an absolute bust, we definitely didn't have good luck.  He wanted badly to do one ski tour in the Alps, so yesterday we did a short tour up Axamer Lizum, which has been closed for skiing for a few weeks.  Given the southerly flow and preponderance of mid-level flowclouds, it was probably our best option for the day since it is high enough that there's still a decent snowpack, low enough to be below the clouds, and north enough relative to the crest to be mainly dry.

It was certainly his final run in the Alps this season and probably mine above the Inn Valley, although there is some chance I'd tour here again.  More likely if I get out again it will be closer to the Alpine crest.

I've seen plenty of posts of good powder in the Wasatch.  Enjoy the last gasps of the Steenburgh effect.

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