Monday, December 10, 2018

Greed Is Good

Gordon Gecko should have been a powder skier
Last night I thought of Gordon Gecko as I was bemoaning the lack of snow over the past several days.  

We had a good run through last Monday.  The snowpack is much better than last year at this time.  But we need more.  Greed is good. 

We certainly had some fun, creamy snow ski touring on Saturday.  But skiing it involved pinballing off a few rocks and a bony brushwhacking adventure at the exit.  I kept thinking that another 3-5 feet would be nice.  Greed is good.

The skate skiing at Round Valley has been great so far this year, but on Sunday, things were starting to feel a little worn out.  I kept thinking that a few inches of high-density refresher would be nice.  Greed is good.

I haven't skied at the resorts in a while and have heard a mixture of reports, but surely a major dump or two before the holidays would be nice.  Greed is good.

However, there will be no hostile takeovers or union busting here.  Only the strait skinny.  Looks like 3 troughs will be moving through the west over the next week, but none of them look like a sure thing.  You might recall the storm cycle a couple of weeks ago when the NAEFS ensemble was tightly clustered around a significant storm, but last night's forecast for the next seven days shows huge spread being produced by both the GEFS and the Canadian Ensemble.  For snow at Alta, the mean is about 10 inches, but the range is 0 to 22.  How's that for uncertainty?  

We'll have to see how this all shakes out.  Let us hope the inversion cracks and that we can at least get a bit of a refresher.

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