Monday, December 31, 2018

Steenburgh Effect Delivers Again!

I'm not out of town, but am unable to ski today.  Hence, yesterday's storm became a clear overproducer, generating 11 inches on the Collins stake through 8 AM this morning. 

If you love cold smoke, this is your snow.  Total water was only 0.56 inches, yielding a water content of about 5%.  Wear a buff or something to cover your face.  Temps are around 10ºF at 8500 feet and below zero at 11,000 feet.

This storm reminds me a bit of New Year's Eve 2010, when a super cold storm produced great touring conditions.

However, it was several degrees colder than today.  I remember that day well as we did over 6,000 vertical feet of climbing and I don't think I ever took my puffy jacket off.  Taking a significant break wasn't an option.  We would stop, chug some water and have a quick bite, and get moving again.

This could be it for several days as the NAEFS shows little action over the next few days, then we will have to see.

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