Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Looking Good for Commencement

The University-wide commencement ceremonies for the University of Utah are tomorrow (Thursday) night, with most college ceremonies on Friday.  Although the ceremonies are indoors, we do our best here at the University of Utah Weather Control Center to arrange for nice weather for your photographs and outdoor activities.  We have conjured up an ideal pattern for tomorrow night, with an upper-level ridge in full control.

Friday looks nice as well, with a south breeze in the afternoon.  Other than perhaps having to hold your mortarboard as you walk around campus later in the day, things look just fine.

Tomorrow night's commencement address will be given by Conrad Anker.   Conrad is a U alum and mountaineer, most recently featured in the film Meru, which won the US Audience Documentary Award at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Decision making by the U administration has come into question recently, but they made a good choice in selecting Conrad.  Quoting the University of Utah press release,
"The reality of the school’s close proximity to nature allowed Anker to enjoy the outdoors while taking classes. He worked for the school’s campus recreation program and found his business courses to be especially useful and even started a company while in school. He eventually sold the startup, KÜHL, for $10,000, which he used to go climbing."
That's a story I suspect many of you can relate to.

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