Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Morning Ski Report

With about 6 inches of new overnight on top of a frozen coral reef base, expectations were fairly low for high quality powder skiing, but the skiing was fun this morning up at Alta.  Below, my son Erik does his best to make it look deeper than it really was ;-).

High density snow with some wind actually buried the really nasty stuff in low-angle terrain areas.

The bottom made itself more noticeable in steeper terrain.  A few people were skiing the Main Chute, which perhaps was blown in better.

With a pretty good breeze and my summer acclimatization, I was cold the entire morning, even on the descent with the puffy jacket on.  A few weeks of warm weather, including some time in Florida where temperatures reached the 90s, has made me soft.

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  1. The snow skied way better than expected this morning. 3 laps off Powder Ridge were good fun. Even the home run was pretty good skiing all the way down.