Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial Day Reflections

In many ways, Memorial Day Weekend is one of the prettiest times of year in the Salt Lake Valley.  The mountains are still snow covered and the valley and foothills are green.  I never feel bad staying home for the holiday weekend and avoiding the traffic and the crowds elsewhere.

I got up early yesterday and climbed Mt. Wire.  It's a good early season hike for getting the legs in shape for bigger adventures and it offers a wonderful view for a meteorologist who likes to think about what happens when westerly or northwesterly flow strikes the Wasatch Front.

Mountain biking on the Ensign ridge this morning offered up a perspective on Farmington Bay, which finally has some water in it again!

If you've been up in the foothills, you've probably noticed that a lot of the scrub oak leaves are damaged.  I think this happened during the snowstorm a couple of weeks ago.  Such a shame.  I wonder if they will push out another set of leaves in the next couple of weeks.  Perhaps those in the know can comment.

Enjoying these wonderful views and the quality of life that we have in the Salt Lake Valley is only possible because of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Take some time this Memorial Day weekend to reflect on that, and given that this is a weather blog, you might check out this Reader's Digest article on Special Ops Weather Technicians.

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  1. The cold temps that followed the snow on May 18th is responsible for the freeze damage. The oaks will push out new leaves but its an energy cost to the plant.