Monday, January 18, 2016

A Rare Sighting

Nearly as rare as a Bigfoot sighting, a photo of Professor Powder was captured today at Alta Ski Area.  As is almost always the case, heavy snow makes confirmation of the sighting difficult.

However, his progeny were seen nearby, increasingly the likelihood he was in the area.

Actually, I haven't skied much at all in bounds this year.  It was nice to get out today, although I somehow managed to bust out my sidewall.   My alpine skis were old, and now they are shot.  Bummer!

The skiing will only get better as the day goes on, but I needed to return to town today.   The scene in the valley early this afternoon, with snow cover and rain reminded me of a winters day in upstate NY.  Grey, dreary, and terrible for skiing.  Thank goodness we have a big mountain range here to get above the snow level.

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