Thursday, September 2, 2021

Stadium Safety

Tonight is the opener for the University of Utah football team.  Masks aren't required, but clear bags are.  Plan accordingly!

The Storm Prediction Center has us in the marginal risk category, meaning that isolated severe thunderstorms are possible.

Source: SPC

If I were attending the game, I would keep this in mind.  Things could work out just fine, but if there is a thunderstorm in the vicinity, it is best to take appropriate measures, which likely means moving to a hard-topped vehicle such as your car.  Stadiums are generally not safe from lightning, even in covered open-air areas.  I always get a pit in my stomach when a thunderstorm is near Rice-Eccles stadium, most recently in September 2019 when there was lightning near the stadium, the camera people left due to lightning concerns, but the game went on (for more see  

Hopefully the storms say away and the Utes win convincingly.  

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  1. Well, it appears they got lucky at the game as an EF1 tornado was confirmed in Davis County...