Monday, September 20, 2021

About Last Night

The coldest airmass of the season so far is now in place over Utah.  A few low temperatures overnight reported to MesoWest are:

Alta-Mt. Baldy: 21˚F
Alta-Base: 28˚F
Cardiff-Big Cottonwood: 27˚F
Silver Creek Jct: 30˚F
U of U upper campus: 41˚F
U of U lower campus: 45˚F
KSLC: 47˚F (could be 46)

Sorry to disappoint those of you enamored with cold temps in Peter Sinks, but it only go down to 31˚F there.  

As an added bonus, unlike the post-frontal air in recent weeks, this one is quite clean.  PM2.5 concentrations are at or below 1 ug/m3 at the U, about as pristine as it gets.  

My ride in this morning was brisk.  Probably the first day since at least early June that I pulled on the uninsulated but full-fingered gloves.

Speaking of biking, U Bike Week starts on Thursday, Sep 23.  There are a number of activities planned including a free breakfast next Thursday, Sep 30.  See for details.  

I wish more people rode to campus and have been hoping that the emergence of e-bikes might break down barriers for some.  I used to ride my mountain bike to work, but switched to an e-bike a couple of years ago as it made it easier to ride up the hill home in my work clothes.  Try one if you haven't already.  It's a fun way to commute to the U.  

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