Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Saturday Spring Fever Potential

February arrives on Saturday and with it will be one of the warmest days we've seen in the mountains so far this winter.

The GFS forecast for 2100 UTC (2 PM MST) Saturday shows high pressure in control, but a trough in the Pacific Northwest. Ahead of that slowly approaching system, 700 mb (10,000 ft) temperatures are forecast to be nearly +4˚C in the central Wasatch. 

Balmy.  Such a temperature would not be a record for January or February and we once reached 5.8˚C on February 1st, but it is quite warm. 

I suspect this will incite a weak case of spring fever as people enjoy the warmth and hopefully sun.  On the plus side, this is still Steenburgh winter, so the snow on upper-elevation north aspects should stay dry and continue to support good skiing. 

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