Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Relaxing Commute to Work

We've now been in Austria for almost a month.  During that time, I have not driven a car, although I have ridden in one three times when going skiing with friends.  If I lived here permanently, I'd probably want one, mainly for accessing skiing, but it's pretty easy living without one in Innsbruck.  The public transit is quite good and unless the weather is bad, walking is a lot of fun given the beautiful mountains in all directions. 

My "commute" to work involves about a 10 minute walk, downhill to the office and uphill home, navigating four switchbacks (I throw that in just to make it sound like an adventure).  It probably took me 15 minutes today as I stoped to gape at the mountains frequently.  Below are a few photos I took, one just below our apartment, the others where I cross the Inn River. 

As you can tell from the blue skies, the Steenburgh effect is in full force right now.  It continues to snow in Utah, and a huge block is setting up over Europe.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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