Friday, October 2, 2015

A Remarkable Story of Courage and Inspiration

There's plenty to talk about meteorologically today from coast to coast, but instead I want to share a remarkable story of courage and inspiration.

Brian McKenna is a long-time follower of this blog.  We've shared a number of e-mail exchanges and I had the great opportunity to meet him briefly at the 2014 Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop.

Via social media, I saw some reports that Brian was in an accident over the summer.  I didn't hear much more than that and I foolishly assumed that it was perhaps not all that significant.

Yesterday I learned that Brian's accident was instead quite serious.  He had been paralyzed in a mountain biking crash.  His story, which speaks strongly to the quality of his character, was covered yesterday by the Ellen Degeneres Show and can be viewed in the two clips below.

Brian – my thoughts are with you.  Continue to keep an eye on the weather and those e-mails coming.

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