Monday, February 3, 2014

Utah Snow and Footage from OWLeS

We have the first in a series of storms on tap for the Wasatch Mountains tonight with perhaps 4-8 inches of cold smoke likely in the upper Cottonwoods.  It's good to be back in the snow business again!

After a 2100 mile drive, the final two members of our Utah snow research team arrived home in Salt Lake City yesterday from the Tug Hill Plateau.  What an adventure it has been and it was made all the more fun by all the great people in upstate New York who helped make our Ontario Winter Lake-effect Systems (OWLeS) research program a success.  Below are three Weather Channel segments examining OWLeS.  

The Weather Channel footage was shot during the windiest period of the entire field campaign.  Of course the night after the segments were shot, Adams, NY was pounded by an intense lake-effect snowband with much lighter winds, which led to huge accumulations.  

Photo courtesy Cindy Cheney
Much thanks to Tom Niziol and the Weather Channel for coming to upstate NY and putting together some great coverage of our field campaign.  

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