Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Great Warming

If you like April, our current pattern is for you.  Minimum temperatures the past couple of days have been near typical highs and both maximum and minimum temperatures are more typical of what one sees in mid April than mid February.  
Source: NWS
Alta-Collins currently sits at 95 inches, within reach of the coveted 100 inch base mark.  It's great to have some cover finally, at least at upper elevations.  It looks like we may crack 100 in the coming week.  


  1. We are looking better at the highest elevations. the lower pack is still thin. Dr. Jim, what elevation is the mid level snow pack located.

  2. Considering how warm the lower levels are now, I wonder about our potential for significant lightning activity again tomorrow. Models have an upper level trough core zipping overhead at more than 70 knots, outrunning whatever lower level frontal boundary tries to set up. The time-height graph also shows this with some inverted theta-e around midday in the 500 to 700 mb layer. It might get a little interesting tomorrow especially for those up at the ski resorts.