Saturday, November 9, 2013

Opening Day 2013-2014

My son and I got out for our first day of skiing today, opting for a "combat ski tour" at Alta where snow-covered (natural and artificial) north facing aspects were easily accessible.  Instead of first tracks and chin ticklers, we experienced first scratches and bone rattlers, but any day that my back allows me to enjoy snow, sun, and turns with my son is priceless right now.

People in the snow business know that aspect is everything and that's very apparent right now.  Even with the warm weather, there's little if any snowmelt on upper-elevation north facing aspects, but the south-facing aspects across from Alta are nearly snow free.   

Think more snow! 

1 comment:

  1. Dr. Jim, May the lumbar be limber. The Uintas today had very little snow and the lakes were frozen. :( At this point tease us with any thing possible.:)