Sunday, November 17, 2013

Heaven and Hell

Yesterday's storm delivered as promised.  The Utah Avalanche Center reports 10-15 inches in the Ogden area mountains, 12-14 inches in the Park City Area Mountains, 18-20 inches in Big Cottonwood, and 15 inches in Little Cottonwood.  The Alta-Collins automated stations recorded about 14 inches with 0.83 inches of SWE.  This is in addition to the modest 2 inches that fell on Friday.

That's all great news, but I feel like I'm in a bit of a ski purgatory.  Alta and Snowbird have closed for uphill skiing.  Much of the terrain that had snow on it prior to the storm now has considerable avalanche hazard.  Much of the lower angle terrain that I typically ski in such situations was snow free or nearly snow free prior to the storm, or requires access via routes that were previously snow free.  Bony conditions abound.  The Utah Avalanche Center notes that a couple of injured skiers were evacuated out of the Albion/Catharine's area yesterday.

Put some Black Sabbath on your iPod and channel Ronnie James Dio, but play it cautious.  Both heaven and hell lie out there today.

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