Monday, September 12, 2022


Tomorrow looks to be a day of change for northern Utah, one that might even bring....wait for it...rain!  

We haven't had rain around here so far in September.  The last measurable precipitation at KSLC was on August 19th.  I've lost several perennials in this stretch.  They just seem to have given up.  

Below is a test to see if blogger can deal with an animated png.  If it works, you'll see a loop of the HRRR forecast over a 48-hour period through 1200 UTC Wednesday, with shower and thunderstorm activity spreading into northern Utah.  

If it doesn't, you'll see a static image for this (Monday) morning at 1200 UTC with an area of precipitation over northern Arizona and southern Nevada.  If that's the case, it also means I have some more work to do to figure out how to animate our new graphics for this blog.  


  1. Does not work - Browser = Edge Version 105.0.1343.33 (Official build) (64-bit)