Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Cooler Weekend Ahead

Summer won't quit as we've had highs in the low 90s the past two days.  However, with the early sunset and long nights, I'll call the heat manageable as we haven't even thought of switching on the A/C as it's cooled off nicely overnight.  Last night the low at the airport was 60˚F, 32˚F lower than yesterday's high of 92˚F.  Wonderful sleeping weather.

If you can make it through this week, I'm pleased to report that the models are advertising that a cold front and upper-level trough will bring cooler air for the weekend.  The GFS forecast valid 0900 UTC 19 September (0300 MDT Saturday) shows the cold front moving through northern Utah with even a hint of rain.  

I'm not overly excited about that as most ensemble members are generating less than 0.1" and only a few members of the often too wet Canadian ensemble are generating more, but anything would be welcome.  

Really, a weekend of heavy rain would be great.  Not only could we use it, but it might keep the target shooters at home and spare us a few more human-caused fires.  

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