Wednesday, August 28, 2019

August Running Hot

With four days left in the month (including today), August is running hot at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

The mean temperature for the month so far is 80.1˚F, which if it holds, would make this August the 7th warmest on record and warmer than any August prior to 1994. 

Source: NOAA Regional Climate Centers
Last night we got down to 62 and the forecast high for this afternoon is 96, which would make a daily mean of 79˚F.  The subsequent last three days of August have forecast lows and highs of 72/94, 69/95, and 69/96.  These numbers will end up having a fairly small influence on the monthly mean, so 2013's record 82.7˚F is likely safe, but we're still looking at a warm August, even if some recent nights have felt cool.

Meteorological fall starts on Sunday, although it probably won't feel like it. 

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