Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Directions for Ikon Pass

Many skiers are likely well aware that the Ikon pass has been going off the past week or two with the addition of more ski areas not just in Utah (Brighton, Solitude), but other parts of the U.S. and world.  Today comes the announcement of the addition of Niseko United, bringing the power paradise of Hokkaido into the fold.

I'll be spending most of my winter in the Austrian Alps so I won't be partaking, but let's think about how this cold war could truly escalate beyond gobbling up ski areas.  How about summer tram/gondola/chairlift access, partnerships with climbing gyms, and access to museums and tourist attractions.  There are examples of such passes in Europe (e.g., Freizeit Ticket Tirol).

Add your ideas, serious, humorous, or sarcastic to the comments below....


  1. how about free/reduced transportation to the ski area? Free UTA buses for the Wasatch in particular

  2. My question is when will unlimited with blackout skiing be offered at Alta or Snowbird on one of these passes? I ski at Brighton with the family and the thought of unlimited skiing being offered there is frightening. Maybe the fear isn't justified?