Thursday, July 26, 2018

Smoke in Salt Lake, Misery in California

This morning dawned with smoky skies and a fairly orange sun that wasn't well captured by my cell phone camera while looking up City Creek Canyon from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. 

Although the perspective is a bit oblique, I love looking at the beautiful GOES-16 imagery from CIRA.  Smoke covers a large portion of central and northern California, northern Nevada, southern Oregon, and southern Idaho.  There's some that has snuck into northern Utah as well. 

GOES-16 imagery from CIRA at 1507 UTC 26 July 2018
The purple air network shows moderate or worse air quality across much of that area (sadly with few observations in Nevada). 

Source: PurpleAir, 9:35 AM MDT 26 July 2018
Those of us in northern Utah shouldn't complain.  The misery index in California is off the scale.  In addition to smoke and associated poor air quality, high temperatures in the Central Valley are expected to be anywhere from 106 to 112˚F. 


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  1. Yeah I've been wondering why Salt Lake has been "blessed" with daytime highs in the 90s. Is it that a week or so ago we had the monsoon with cloudy skies and a trace of rain? Then recently, the high has cut off the monsoon at the Mexico border, but we are under a relatively cool west/northwest flow?