Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Dollar Ridge "Time Lapse" from Mt. Nebo

Intensification of the Dollar Ridge fire was very evident today as I descended from the summit of Mt. Nebo.  The photos below are in chronological order and were taken from 11:21 AM to 1:52 PM.  This is a very common occurrence as temperatures climb and the the so-called boundary layer, in which thermals and turbulence generated at the Earth's surface occur, deepens.  Note the formation of pyrocumulus clouds as well.  Sadly I only had the cell phone. 

Portable weather stations at about 9000 feet near the fire showed temperatures in the 70s, relative humidities near 10% and winds gusting to 30 mph.  It doesn't get much worse than that.  The low humidity was very apparent on my hike as I consumed 64 ounces of water, despite an early start, and still returned to the trailhead completely parched. 

Fires and fireworks should simply be avoided this holiday week.

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  1. We were driving home from Colorado and the fire was impressive/scary/sad viewed from Highway 6 b/w Price and Spanish Fork yesterday.
    Colorado wisely had fireworks and camp fires banned almost everywhere (and yet there were still wildfires all over). I was happy to sacrifice the camp fire and head into the tent earlier given how dry it was. I wish Utah folks would wise up. Had to bee-line it home yesterday and then stand guard at home last night to make sure our neighbors didn't set our yard on fire.