Thursday, September 28, 2017

Weather, Snow, and Ski Related Beers

I became a beer snob when I moved to Seattle in 1989 where there was already an flourishing microbrew scene.  Today, the term "craft beer" might be better since there are many excellent beers brewed by breweries of a variety of sizes. 

Some of these beers (and even some breweries) have weather, snow, and ski-related names.  Let's see if we can get a list together.  Here are a few of my favorite-named beers.  Most I've tried, but not all. 

Inversion IPA, Deschutes Brewing.  I typically drink IPAs in the summer, but this one takes the sting out of Utah's pollution during the winter.

Red Chair NWPA, Deschutes Brewing

Snow Cap, Pyramid.  This has long been one of my favorite winter ales, although it is not currently advertised on the Pyramid web site.  Hopefully it will arrive later this fall.

Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Great Lakes Brewing.  I'm a big Porter fan during the cool season.  The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was a true weather catastrophe, made famous by the haunting song from Gordon Lightfoot.

Bombogenesis Double IPA, Chatham Brewing.  I haven't had this one yet, but may need to make a special trip downstate during my next visit to the hometown as this might be the best weather-named beer out there. 

Nor'eastah IPA, Chatham Brewing.  Another great weather-related name.  Designated driver definitely required for that trip.

Blueski Lager, Epic.  Epic brews several great beers without ski, snow, or weather-related themes.  I'm not much of a fan of lagers, but the ski theme gets a nod here.

Lake Effect, Proper Brewing.  A great name for this German-style ale, but sadly only 4.0% ABV.  Lake effect deserves so much more!

Mostly Cloudy, Long Trail Brewing

Sick Day, Long Trail Brewing.  None of you would ever know anything about sick days...

Runoff Red IPA, Odell.  Technically a hydrologic beer, but weather-driven.

Katabatic Brewing Co. Haven't been here yet, but this place gets a nod just for the name, with katabatic being a name for drainage flows and other buoyancy-driven downslope winds. 

Pray for Snow, 10 Barrel Brewing. 'Nuff said!

Add your favorites in the comments below.


  1. Convergence Zone cellars ( in the Seattle area names all their wine after weather. I once talked to them about how they come up with their wine names and they said they use the NWS glossary. My favorite is the Mistral Grenache

  2. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. Pairs perfectly with one of the first big dumps of the ski season. Usually can be found around mid November.

  3. This is a nice happy post getting into the swing of things, Jim. Cold snowy weather makes everything so much better ... except it's late September, which is almost sure to make for an unhappy snowpack later. Alas the beggars of summer can't be choosers of winter.

    In celebration of last year and hoping for this year, though perhaps w a slightly cooler subtropical tap to lower the snow line, what about Pine Apple Express? I've never tried this, but I definitely will if ever given the chance. Both Draught Works and Snake River have a version ...

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    2. I can add a few more from my list:
      Avalanche Amber, Breckenridge Brewing
      Calm Before the Storm, Ballast Point
      Cold Smoke, KettleHouse
      Cold Snap, Sam Adams
      Freeride Pale Ale, Alaskan
      Gale Force IPA, Scuttblebutt
      Hurricane Deck, Figueroa Mountain
      Nimbus 2000, Beer Lab HI
      Overcast Espresso Stout, Oakshire
      Powdershot Porter, Desert Edge
      Thunderhop IPA, The Church
      Watershed IPA, Oakshire
      Yardsale, Uinta
      There have also been beers named for Brighton and Snowbird put out by Wasatch or Unita in the last few years.
      I think there's a lot more beers named for biking than snow sports, if you feel the need to make a new list next spring!

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  6. Kokanee Glacier Pilsner from Creston BC. I like how a few of the labels have a little skier or snowboarder in the lower left corner ascending the snow field. Okee Dokee Kokanee!

  7. It isnt fall until the Red Chair shows up in liquor stores!

  8. Patroller Porter, Beech Mountain Brewing Company; Face Down Brown, Telluride Brewing Company; Out of Bounds Stout, Avery Brewing Company; Season Pass Vanilla Porter Uinta Brewing Co

  9. Upslope Brewing Company in Colorado and Thunderhead Brewing Company in Nebraska.

  10. Double Black Diamond extreme stout, Blackfoot River Brewing, Helena, MT
    Back Country Scottish Ale, Lewis & Clark Brewing, Helena, MT

  11. Grazing Clouds hazy IPA, Mountains Walking Brewer & Pub, Bozeman, MT

  12. I always look for New Belgium's fall seasonal "Accumulation" to show up on shelves. That is how I knew how times were changing.

    At least until I moved to Utah, and I have not seen that beer on a shelf since :-(