Friday, December 9, 2016

Good Overnight Returns, Break Today, Then More

Although it's only 7 inches of snow, we got good returns from yesterday afternoon through 7 am this morning in terms of water equivalent with 0.82" falling at Alta-Collins.  That will make for creamy turns and good base building, and base is what we need.  Consistent with the high-density snow, temperatures at 7 am were mild, including 40ºF in downtown Salt Lake City, 30ºF at the base of Park City, 32ºF at The Spruces, and 22ºF at the Top of Collins.

Today will remain mild and, although we will see some snow at times, I expect a break will develop during the day as the HRRR and NAM call for the precipitation shield to shift northward.  By later (0000 UTC/5 PM MST) today, most of the action is expected to be to our north.

That break could extend through the night before the main course arrives on Saturday when a strong frontal system pushes through northern Utah to put an exclamation point on this atmospheric river event.

The NAM generates an impressive total of 1.79" of water at Alta-Collins with the frontal system from 5 AM Saturday until 5 AM Sunday, which would be a wonderful add to our current totals.

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