Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sitting Right at Average

Observations from NRCS SNOTEL stations shows the snowpack at upper-elevations in the central Wasatch sits pretty much right at average, whereas some sites in the northern Wasatch are doing just a bit better than that.

Source: NRCS
As of today, the snowpack water equivalent at Snowbird sits at 8.2 inches and Mill-D North at 6.2 inches.  The big winner so far is Ben Lomond Peak in the northern Wasatch with a snowpack water equivalent of 9.5 inches.  I always say that Ben Lomond is "pound for pound" the snowiest place in the Wasatch Range.  For a given elevation, the snowpack there is usually deeper than anywhere else around here.

Count your blessings and lets hope we get some more.  Warm, sloppy storminess is being advertised for later this week by the GFS.  We'll see how things come together and take a look in a couple of days.

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  1. Good assumption, Ben Lomond is actually the wettest place in Utah.