Saturday, May 21, 2016

Overnight Deluge

A slow moving precipitation band brought significant rain to the Wasatch Front late last night and early this morning, especially north of Salt Lake City.  Radar imagery below shows the strong returns over the northern Wasatch and lowlands upstream (northern most red rectangle).

As of 9:30, Snowbasin-Middle Bowl recorded 0.81" of water equivalent since 4 AM.  And yes, some of that precipitation has fallen as snow on the upper mountain.

Ogden airport picked up a half inch, which is a good dousing for the lawns and gardens.

Further south, the central Wasatch (southern rectangle) were late to get in on the action.  Alta-Collins has had only .12" of water equivalent since 3 AM, although temperatures are now down to 30ºF, putting that site above the melting layer for now, and they may get a couple more hours of snow.  A little something for the diehards.

Meanwhile, in the Salt Lake Valley, the U is up to .27", which should be enough to keep my sprinklers off for another week, which is good because I just discovered that I have some work to do to get some of mine working.

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