Friday, May 6, 2016

Graduation Rumblings

Although the University of Utah general commencement was last night, most college convocations are today, ensuring that campus is bustling with activity.  The morning dawned, however, with thunderstorms and rain on campus, which surely sent a shiver down the spine of Deans, Administrators, and campus planners.

Thunderstorm over the University of Utah campus around 7:05 AM MDT this morning.
Radar imagery at 1333 UTC (7:33 AM MDT) showed stronger returns just west of the Wasatch spine east of campus, with two cells further west, including one over campus.

These storms were moving northward and as I write this at 7:50 AM MDT, rain has stopped.

Graduation day was always stressful for me back in the day.  We used to have our college reception outdoors, and the dean would always want to know if he needed a tent and would call me for a forecast starting days in advance.

Today, we have a new building and enough room to hold the reception indoors, so I'm off the hook.  Nevertheless, nobody likes rain and thunder on campus for graduation.

Despite the early action, I don't think today will be a washout.  Showers and thunderstorms will be scattered today, so lets just hope the activity is well timed to allow for dry walks around campus.  If thunder roars, head indoors. 

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