Monday, May 16, 2016


During the cool season the past few years, it seems like upper-level ridging has been an omnipresent feature over the western United States.  That's not the case at present.  Cooler air and upper-level troughing moved over Utah yesterday and the GFS forecast shows another one moving in right behind it.

We may get a break in the action between the troughs, especially if the second one opts to dig down the coast, but for the most part the pattern over the next several days looks springy, with some showers and thunderstorms scattered about.  The NWS forecast summarizes this nicely.

No need to panic as there should be periods of dry weather in there with opportunities for outdoor activities, but keep an eye to the sky and adjust plans accordingly.

Meanwhile, on the east coast, check out the photo below from Caribou Maine this morning.  They've had 3.5" of snow so far today, the most on record so late in the season.

Source: NWS Caribou Forecast Office
Reports are up to 7" in the surrounding region.

Further evidence of the tortuous weather of the northeast US.

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