Monday, April 6, 2015

Yard Care Conundrums

I have two rules that I like to follow each spring.  The first is that I don't do yard work before April 1st.  The second is that I don't run my sprinklers until at least Memorial Day weekend.

The first is always easy to follow, but this year, I'm amazed at how baked and wiry my grass is already.

I am, however, going to hold out.  There's a chance of a few showers today and tonight.  I'm not too excited about that, but there's a decent spring storm coming in for late Tuesday night and Wednesday.

In fact, the forecast above almost looks like something we would expect in April.  That is what month it is right?

If this storm doesn't do the job, I'll have a good reason to rip out the last of my turf once and for all.


  1. There's something wrong with those forecast charts you posted. The bottom two frames have some weird greenish colors over Utah.

  2. I would think a meteorologist, especially one so seemingly concerned about climate change, would be more responsible than to attempt to grow grass in a desert. Water is our most valuable resource and you piss it away on vanity. Instead of skiing maybe you should go play golf.

    1. Hey, from one Anon to another Anon. Lighten up. :)

  3. What does watering a lawn in SLC have to do with climate change? Is there a linkage between the two that I do not yet know about?