Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vermont: Crazy Warm

Some wild stuff is happening back east.  Unbelievable temperatures in the northeast.  Burlington in northern Vermont hit 80ºF yesterday, the earliest occurrence of 80 degrees in the historical record, which dates back to 1883.  In fact, it breaks the old record by 9 days and is only the 6th 80 degree day ever observed in March.   Today will be the fourth consecutive day of "crazy warm" temperatures.

In fact, as of 10:30 AM, the current temperature of 69F was already a record for the day.

Win Smith, President and owner of Sugarbush ski area describes the situation well in his blog post from yesterday.  Actually, I found this post to be quite forthcoming and lacking the sort of candy coating that one often sees on ski area web sites.  Of course, New England skiers have always enjoyed whatever skiing they can get.  Kudos to them.


  1. My sister goes to the University of Vermont so I saw this yesterday and was shocked, then later found out that they aren't the only ones to see a 10 degree record breaking.

    International Falls, Minnesota
    March 16th High: 71 Previous record: 58
    March 17th High: 77 Previous record: 55 (!)
    March 18th High: 79 Previous record: 66
    March 19th High: 78 Previous record: 60

    1. I believe Caribou, ME broke a high temperature record by 23F this week. Crazy stuff.

  2. really puts our "terrible season" in the wasatch into perspective huh?