Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Good To Be Lucky

For the past couple of hours, there has been a persistent train of echos extending along the southwesterly flow from southern Utah County across Mount Timpanogos, the upper Cottonwoods, and the Park City ridge line.

At times, things looked quite sinister from the Salt Lake Valley, with some mammatus for a brief period of time (photo below a bit fuzzy, sorry...).

Alta is getting quite a thumping, with .29" of water equivalent recorded from 1-4 PM, including .21" in the past hour, with 2" of snow (ignore the snow depth in the data table below).

You never know where bands like this are going to setup.  You can see another one to the west side of the radar loop that's also been fairly persistent (but not as broad).  It's good to be lucky!  Hopefully good luck will shine further on us tonight.

Addendum @ 455 PM

Altitude is everything.  During the period above, Alta gets the goods, downtown Park City the drips.

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  1. May the luck of the Irish smile on us the next 48 hours.