Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Historic Day

It appears we've at least tied if not broken the all-time record high for March at the Salt Lake City International Airport.  It was 78ºF until today.  It appears we've reached 79ºF so far.

I'd say wow, but after seeing what happened in the east a couple of weeks ago, this seems pretty tame.  Further, over the next few decades, we'll leave this in the dust.

Speaking of dust, things are just starting to get interesting.  I can't see the Oquirrhs anymore and the Wasatch are starting to look a titch fainter.

I suspect the entire valley will be enveloped eventually as the large-scale flow should gradually shift to southwesterly and put us in the dust-plume cross hairs.

On a weekend like this, the Wasatch Weather Weenies are like pigs in slop.


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