Thursday, October 27, 2022

Storm Break

The storm yesterday and last night added another 8" of new snow and .65" of water at the Alta-Collins site bringing the total snow depth up to 27."

These are solid numbers for late October and I hope to get out and make some turns soon.  

Other than maybe a few more flurries this morning, the forecast looks dry for the next few days as we return to more fall-like weather with the storm track to the north.  The NAEFS plumes below are flatlined between last nights storm and November 2nd when a few members begin to show some action.  

At that time, the GFS and many other models or ensemble forecast members are advertising a deep trough to develop over the Pacific Coast.  

Until then, enjoy the return to fall weather, make a few turns, do some rescue practice, and hope the spigot turns on again in early November.

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  1. Interesting note is that the GFS has been forecasting the deep trough over the west coast for the middle of next week for many days now, took the ECMWF until last night to come around to the idea.